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About Me

My name is Eve Waddington, and I'm a highly experienced, skilled maths and statistics tutor based in Christchurch. I've recently relocated closer to family after 12 years tutoring in Auckland, and am keen to take on new students from the Christchurch area as well as continuing to tutor online students throughout the country.


I have always had a passion for learning mathematics, however, it wasn't until I was sixteen that I discovered how talented I was at this subject. Without any prior experience, I tried out for and was selected for the New Zealand Internation Mathematical Olympiad Team (NZIMO team) to compete at the IMO in Greece in 2004. That same year, I featured in a TVNZ documentary about the six members of the New Zealand team, and our journey to the IMO. The following year I was also selected for the NZ team and traveled to Mexico to compete in the 46th IMO. 


Following on from my success in New Zealand maths competitions, as well as my gaining NCEA scholarships in five subjects and being named Dux of my school while still in year 12, I was offered a full scholarship to study at the prestigious Princeton University in the USA. I was also awarded a number of scholarships to study maths at Auckland University, which I had to turn down to take my place in Princeton's Class of 2010.

                         Nassau Hall, Princeton University

The NZIMO team in Greece, 2004 (I'm in the back row on the right)

At Princeton University, I continued to excel in mathematics, gaining an A+ in a course taught by the renowned mathematician John Conway, placing 117th in the renowned Putnam Maths Competition, and being the only female selected to the Princeton team to travel to Bulgaria for the International Mathematics Competition - the university equivalent of the IMO (I was, however, unable to compete due to illness). I didn't just do maths at Princeton though - I also rode for the Princeton University Equestrian Team, competing at horse shows around the region, and regularly participated in International Student activities. 


At the end of my freshman year, I experienced some health issues and ultimately moved back home to NZ, transferring to Auckland University to finish my undergraduate degree, gaining a BSc double majoring in maths and psychology, followed up with First Class Honors degree in Psychology. During my undergraduate degree here, I was awarded a number of scholarships and awards, including the prestigious Freemasons Scholarship, which recognized both my academic success and my community involvement, volunteering for organisations such as Lifeline and Supporting Families of Mental Illness. 


In 2015 I continued my studies at Auckland University, completing a Masters in Statistics, and subsequently was awarded numerous Statistics / Biostatistics Ph.D. scholarships to top universities around the world, including winning the Prince of Wales Scholarship to Cambridge. However, I ultimately decided to stay put in New Zealand, and am now working towards a Law degree at Canterbury University. 


In my spare time, I like to play the piano, play chess, do yoga, and take my chihuahua for walks. 

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