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High School and University

  • I am familiar with and able to tutor all levels of high school maths and statistics, and am thoroughly familiar with all exam systems offered in Auckland (NCEA, NCEA Scholarship, Cambridge, and IB). 

  • I can tutor most undergraduate university level mathematics and statistics courses offered at Auckland University, AUT, etc

  • I frequently assist honours/masters students with statistics analysis

  • Can help with SPSS (and other common statistical software)

  • I can also tutor a range of compsci papers that are maths-based

  • I am able to help students who are sitting foundation exams 

  • I am able to help people preparing to sit the Police force entrance exams

  • I am able to help students who need to sit the SAT or GRE exams to go to a USA university, including both the general tests (reading, writing and maths) and the math subject test. 

  • I can also tutor high school level physics

The 2004 NZIMO team in Athens, Greece

Problem Solving and Olympiad Maths

I particularly enjoy working with students who enjoy learning problem solving techniques, and are wanting to learn how to do better on maths competitions, and perhaps even make the NZIMO team themselves oneday. 


Studying problem solving and Olympiad-level maths is invaluable to anyone wanting to go on to higher-level maths at university, and doing well at olympiad maths can often be a 'hook' for helping you to get into a top university in the USA or the UK, or to increase your chances of winning a scholarship to university, as it was for me. 


I often work with students who are wanting to improve in problem solving and olympiad maths, and find that the earlier a student starts working on their problem solving skills, the better. 


Specific maths competitions that I am able to help students prepare for are the Australian Maths Competition, the University of New South Wales Maths Competition, the Otago Problem Solving, the Junior Mathematics Comeptition, the Eton Press Mathematics Competition, Mathex, as well as the NZIMO camp selection problems, and various Olympiad competitions that the NZ squad competes in. 

Data Analysis / Research Consulting

More recently, following the completion of my Masters in Statistics, I have been branching out into assisting post graduate students and professionals with their research projects, specifically, the statistical / data-analytic side of the projects. I am very familiar with and proficient in SPSS and am able to assist with most data-analytical and SPSS-related projects. 

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